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How to buy a handpan



"As the hang is no longer manufactured by the original manufacturer and creator, new instruments featuring the same shape and sound are now all part of the HANDPAN family.

A handpan is not easy to find in shops; it is a handmade instrument, a handcrafted piece which, as a top quality violin, is normally purchased at a craftsman’s lab.

Every manufacturer has his own months’, or even years’ long waiting list mostly depending on the individual requests by the purchasers. Many people have asked me where to buy a handpan, which characteristics make a handpan better than another, whether there is a scale to measure quality and finally, how much to spend to properly begin handpan practice.

As it was never easy for me to give proper advice, I have finally resolved to create my own handpan label to guarantee conveniently priced, top quality instruments.

I am glad and proud to present you the brand new “Lombardo HANDPAN” series, featuring different scales.Lombardo Handpan” was born from his idea of creating an excellent quality instrument suitable for all levels, which can excite both those who listen to it and those who play it. With the “Lombardo Handpan” brand you have the guarantee of an instrument constructed and tested by a real professional of the handpan sector, at a special price.



Very long sustain, bright sound and rich in harmonics.

(RE), LA, SIb, DO, RE, MI, FA, SOl, LA

HANDPAN 14 notes

(C #), MI, FA #, G #, A, SI, C #, D #, MI, FA #, SOL #, A, SI, C #

C #minor N ° 1

(C #), G #, SI, C #, D #, MI, FA #, G #, A

Oxalis scale:

(G), B, C, D, E, G, B, C, D

Chandra scale

(D), G, A, Bb, C, D, Eb, F, G

Saladin scale

(D), G, A, C, D, Eb, F#, G, A

HANDPAN 13 notes

Lombardo Handpan 13 notes in stainless steel (Stainless) in B minor scale, 432 Hertz.

D minor (432Hz):

(D), A, Bb, C, D, E, F, G, A

C # minor N ° 2:

(C #), G #, A, SI, C #, D #, MI, F #, G #

D minor

432 Hertz and 440 Hertz

China scale

(D), A, B, D, E, F#, A, B, D

Hijaz scale

(D), A, Bb, C #, RE, MI, FA, SOL, LA

"Even though each piece is mostly handmade, I do guarantee fast manufacturing times."

 "M ° Loris Lombardo

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