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The Handpan Complete manual + DVD of Maestro Lombardo is the first ever book in the world dedicated to handpan / hang..

Author:Loris Lombardo

Year: 2017

Publisher: VOLONTÈ&CO

Genre: Teaching

Video lessons: DVD + Link to study online

Video course duration : 5 hours 30 min

"Questo libro è frutto di un lungo studio nell'arte delle percussioni ed ho potuto realizzarlo grazie alla grande passione che nutro per questi strumenti, derivanti da tutto il mondo. All'interno ho racchiuso le tecniche e le ritmiche che ho studiato negli anni, tutte riadattate all'handpan.

Troverete un percorso didattico graduale, che parte da zero fino ad arrivare a concetti avanzati, ideato anche per chi non sa leggere la musica, guidando il lettore passo dopo passo; inoltre, ogni esercizio sarà eseguito nel DVD allegato, prima molto lentamente e poi sviluppato in velocità".

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“Instinct is not all it takes to play the handpan. Here’s the first manual, great also for those who cannot read music. A step by step guidebook to the discovery of this powerfully expressive instrument. Follow the lead through a series of didactically winning, properly balanced lessons. The attached dvd shows each exercise, played slowly first and then, gradually, faster."

“Here comes the first ever complete handpan manual by Loris Lombardo, published by Volontè. The brand new, still partially undiscovered sounds of this unique instrument are explored and create an original musical system, a philosophy of its own.”

“…the new method, published by Volontè&Co., has been designed by Loris Lombardo to guide the readers to the discovery of the secret techniques that will lead you to master this unique instrument…”

“…this is a groundbreaking method, constantly evolving along its 160 pages. Every technical aspect is effectively explained through drawings, schemes, rhythmic divisions, keys and much more.”

“...I would surely call it a true handpan encyclopedia as nothing about the handpan and its playing techniques is left out.”


Gaspare Bonafede

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